Article 21
Corrective actions


Providers of high-risk AI systems which consider or have reason to consider that a high-risk AI system which they have placed on the market or put into service is not in conformity with this Regulation shall immediately take the necessary corrective actions to bring that system into conformity, to withdraw it, to disable it or to recall it, as appropriate.

In the cases referred to in the first paragraph, providers They shall immediately inform:

a. the distributors;

b. the importers;

c. the national competent authorities of the high-risk Member States in which they made the AI system in question and, available or put it into service; and

d. where accordingly possible, the deployer[This change has been provisionally agreed on subject to final checks by the EP.]

They shall inform the distributors of the high-risk AI system in question and, where applicable, the authorised representative and importers accordingly.

1a The providers shall also inform the authorised representative, if one was appointed in accordance with Article 25, and the notified body if the high-risk AI system had to undergo a third-party conformity assessment in accordance with Article 43. Where applicable, they shall also investigate the causes in collaboration with the deployer. [This clause has been provisionally agreed on with the EP at the technical level.]