Article 22
Duty of information


Where the high-risk AI system presents a risk within the meaning of Article 65(1) and that risk is known to the provider of the system the provider of the system becomes aware of that risk, that provider shall immediately inform the national competent supervisory authorities of the Member States in which it made the system available and, where applicable, the notified body that issued a certificate for the high-risk AI system, in particular the nature of the non-compliance and of any relevant corrective actions taken. [This change has been provisionally agreed with the EP at the technical level.]

1a In the cases referred to inthe first paragraph, providers of the high-risk AI system shall immediately inform:

a) the distributors;

b) the importers;

c) the national competent authorities of the Member States in which they made the AI system available or put it into service; and

d) where possible, the deployers.

1b The providers shall also inform the authorised representative, if one was appointed in accordance with Article 25. [The EP added this clause, and it has been provisionally agreed on at the technical level.]