Article 60
EU database for stand-alone high-risk AI systems


  1. The Commission shall, in collaboration with the Member States, set up and maintain a EU database containing information referred to in paragraph 2 concerning high-risk AI systems referred to in Article 6(2) which are registered in accordance with Article 51.
  2. The data listed in Annex VIII shall be entered into the EU database by the providers. The Commission shall provide them with technical and administrative support.
  3. Information contained in the EU database shall be accessible to the public.
  4. The EU database shall contain personal data only insofar as necessary for collecting and processing information in accordance with this Regulation. That information shall include the names and contact details of natural persons who are responsible for registering the system and have the legal authority to represent the provider.
  5. The Commission shall be the controller of the EU database. It shall also ensure to providers adequate technical and administrative support.